8:00 AM

Ariskea[Namaste] Chair Lounge
Ariskea[Namaste] Yoga Rug [With 5 Poses]
Ariskea[Namaste] Incense
Ariskea[Namaste] Floor Lamp
Ariskea[Namaste] Massage Table
Ariskea[Namaste] Gong {Touch Sound}
Ariskea[Namaste] Hut { With Water Pond} RARE
Ariskea[Namaste] Mossy Buddha RARE
Ariskea[Namaste] Bamboo Chimes{Ramdom Sound}
Ariskea[Namaste] Lounger
Ariskea[Namaste] Deanna Drink [Add me ]
Ariskea [Namaste] Bikini Bottom & Top 
Pose is from the rug in the set
- The Arcade - LM

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