Stained Monday

6:44 AM

::JF:: Dirty Table Cloth @ MP *New*
::JF:: cushion - for collectors event
[evoLove]- saucer part of cup of tea pose @ sanarae

Fancy Decor: Chained Books (gold)
@main store

Fancy Decor: Wire Chair
Fancy Decor: Magazine Stack 4
Fancy Decor: Clasp Boxes
Fancy Decor: Get Shit Done
@ Shiny Shabby

[ zerkalo ] Spring Gifts - Easter Egg
[ zerkalo ] Spring Gifts - Basket Light
[ zerkalo ] Spring Gifts - Chocolate Bunny

[ zerkalo ] Beginning of the Day - Daybed - Rose - RARE


::KKs:: une journee a la ferme - blinds

AZOURY - Salome Hat Milk

AF Teacup Teal
{anc} cotton bunny. sugar [D] 1Li // Low Li ver
05.erratic / lsm - side table - white
{anc} suger rose field [rose] 1Li
=EliBaily= Ivy 03

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