Song Bird

9:11 AM

Stockholm&Lima: Little Birdcage (Fancy)
(two other styles to pick from)
7 Solo Sitting Animations
RLV Capture Enabled
15 Cushion Textures
3 Rope Textures
5 Metal Textures
10 Color Tint Options (14 in the Fancy Version)
Gag and Blindfolds included
Materials Enabled
1 prim each
Poses can be adjusted
(using the animation for the pose in the cage)


JIAN :: White Tail Deer - Male Adult (Sleep L)

Kaithleen's Tape Leather Dress - white -  Maitreya @mesh body addicts

:Moon Amore: Daisy Dress PETALS 

Hair - Exile::You Send Me

{anc} suger rose field [rose] 1Li

{anc} NO LIMITS // flying dove.B [soda-blue] 1Li

Skye Windswept Tree

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