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Serenity Style- Ly One Way Shelf 
Serenity Style- Ly One Way Rug

uk - Opulent Table
uk - Opulent Ottoman

floorplan. botanical chart @ C88

floorplan. traveling typewriter / teal C/M/NT @ the arcade

[LJ] Fruit Stand #07 - Plums
LJ] Fruit Stand #07 - Plums - Extra Plum

MadPea Writer's Corner - Books

Ariskea [ Petite Paris] Side table Black
Ariskea [Le Secret] Magic Chandelier @ the arcade
dust bunny . storybook living . white candlestick phone @ the arcade

Fancy Decor: Journey Rug

Apple Fall Wild Thistles
AF Magazine Files
LTD Bow Tie Cushion (1955)
Apple Fall Pug Ceramic Decor
Apple Fall Leather Moccasins
AF Dress Form w/ Dress

Kalopsia - Old Mirror - Black

dust bunny. upcycled cabin

listening to :

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