That first meet

8:41 PM

Featuring these three gachas from CCB - CREATORS COLLECTION BOX :

{iD}BooK CafE / RARE
{iD} BooK CafE /  CafE BoarD
{iD}BooK CafE / CafE BoarD StanD(OpeN)
{iD}BooK CafE / NewS PapeR ( BK )
{iD} CandY or CoffeE  / CoffeE PacK   MexicO
{iD} BooK CafE /  BooK (B)
{iD} CandY or CoffeE  / CandY FruiT (RARE)

14. [[RH]] Chaya-Gacha (Shelf)
7. [[RH]] Chaya-Gacha (ZABUTON set) Blue
20. [[RH]] Chaya-Gacha (Chazutsu)

14 [MB] Wa Caafe Gacha Tea Set -Cat-
10 [MB] Wa Cafe Gacha - Memu set- (ENG)
4 [MB] Wa Cafe Gacha -Noren- (Camellia)
15 Wa Cafe Gacha Cofee set -Mach Moose server-

uK - Pioneer Vintage Shelf v2
uK - Pioneer Vintage Trunk

Pewpew! Teal - Balbo Bicycle & Dark Frame 
Pewpew! Green - Balbo Bicycle & Dark Frame
Pewpew! Yellow - Balbo Bicycle & Dark Frame


Pewpew! Sayouri Chair Red - Gacha

{BE} Cafe table Gift @ Shiny Shabby

*AF* Inn Mail Tray

8f8 - Butterfly Tea Set - Tray - Khokhloma

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