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Ok, so with a virus on my comp and my textures giving out here and there I finally made it through this shoot. I present you three amazing Gacha sets from three different events. Somehow they all went together for me perfectly. I fell in love with Keke's new set for the arcade, but then again I fall in love with everything she does. The Zerkalo gacha set Little love is just oh so soft and beautiful, the lace textures are divine and they will be at the new event Whimsical. The pose for this shoot is actually a pose from the stool in the Knick Knack Gacha and it could not be more perfect. Last but not least everybody needs to own this dress by deaddollz and the hair by boon, the dress I really had a hard time picking which color to wear because they all looked so great and comes with two options (another one a little more revealing) they fit the maitreya body perfectly as all her clothing does and the back on this with the bead detail is so in theme with the event. The hair by boon is such a beautiful big bun updo, they make the most unique styles and I am so addicted to buying them. To finish my look off I added a dirty feet applier,  I found these on MP and I have a feeling I will be wearing them a lot since it is so much fun to be barefoot with spring just around the corner.
xoxo, JF

Wearing :
booN Lab.012 hair @ Tres Chic
Dead Dollz : Echo One - White @ flower power event
*K* DF-001 (dirty feet) V2.0 Maitreya 

[ zerkalo ] Little Love - Box
[ zerkalo ] Little Love - Hanging Heart
[ zerkalo ] Little Love - Mantle Shelf
[ zerkalo ] Little Love - Her Pillow
[ zerkalo ] Little Love - Wooden Heart
[ zerkalo ] Little Love - Shelf
[ zerkalo ] Little Love - Key to my Heart frame
[ zerkalo ] Little Love - Diary
[ zerkalo ] Little Love - Chandelier - RARE

[ keke ] flower chair RARE
[ keke ] zink tray w lily
[ keke ] wall flower - lily
[ keke ] watering can - zinc
[ keke ] watering can - white
[ keke ] watering can - beatle
[ keke ] zink trays w paper whites
[ keke ] tea tin sprout - 1
[ keke ] tea tin sprout - 2
[ keke ] tea tin sprout - 3
[ keke ] vintage tea tin - green
[ keke ] vintage tea tin - black
[ keke ] vintage tea tin - white

::KKs:: Paint your life - pillow crown UNCOMMON
::KKs:: Paint your life - ladder RARE
::KKs:: Paint your life - Rack RARE
::KKs:: Paint your life - rug
:KKs:: Paint your life - The pots RARE
::KKs:: Paint your life - canvas
::KKs:: Paint your life - easel + canvas
::KKs:: Paint your life - stool
:KKs:: Paint your life - paint pots UNCOMMON
::KKs:: Paint your life - palette and brushes

Apple Fall Bushmead Railing Short (White)
Apple Fall Country Hall

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