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6:42 AM

!:Lybra:! Marianna Corn Flower - Maitreya- this dress is only in limited quantities of 100 so before this event ends it will no longer be available @ lost and found
MINA Hair - Aimee 02 (no materials) @ Shiny Shabby
MadPea Kaleidoscope Lady Limelight (companion) @ we <3 rp
MadPea Kaleidoscope Sir Stingerthorn (companion) @ we <3 rp
(There is also a huge ridable butterfly with this set)
Avaway - White Pearl_Jackie_Necklace @ Tres Chic
eyeshadow - alaskametro

I found this while cleaning out my inventory, I am not sure if it is available at their shop because I got this at the hair fair last year:
no.match_NO_DANDELION - 2 hair add-on
no.match_NO_DANDELION - hand add-on
pose  - no.match_hold dandelion

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