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One of my favorite items of the Whimsical event are these wings by Plastik, they come with the most amazing hud where you can change the texture on the wing part or the vein part, so you get so many options. It is so hard to find really nice Fae wings, they are gacha so you will have to play to win them, however, if you enjoy dressing up as a fae you will be so happy that you won them. You can't tell in the photo, but they flickr a beautiful sparkle all over them. 
:[P]:- Dene Wings  @ whimsical

Dress - PEQE - Lady of Time_Cream @ shiny Shabby -If you have the chance to get to SS Peqe has this exact dress in the color pink for an anniversary gift.

This pearl bracelet was one of my favorite gifts at the CCB, you have to get a chance to get there to pick it up for sure.  It comes in two pieces so you can mix it up.
..::( siratama )::.. pearl-bracelet  Gift @ CCB CREATORS COLLECTION BOX 
Head piece and flowers - Air - Ouka gacha - CM* @ CCB CREATORS COLLECTION BOX
[ keke ] winter flower ground

pose [evoLove] half of frenemies

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