a stroll with Aaron at Sanarae

10:39 PM

This photo was so much fun to do. I love the Sanarae event because they always set up such beautiful spots to take a photo. We strolled along the event dirt road picking up gachas and items along the way and what better way to wear them but in a photo at Sanarae. I picked up these cute bunny head muffs for us( i was lucky to win the RARE first pull). I also got these gorgeous shoes from Chicchica ( i personally love the way she did the floral textures and the pink suede back on these, a must have for sure ).  This hair is from barberyumyum, they make this really beautiful pink blonde tone that i love. I have been buying a lot of their hairs lately and they have been consistent at the Sanarae event. What is so amazing with the barberyumyum hair is you can mix and match the bangs and she gives a rigged and unrigged version which of is one of my favorite things b,c i love to move all my hairs around in the crazy poses I do. I think designers should make more un rigged and rigged hair for photo purposes.  ::just saying::

dead dollz  Sweater - Black Violet - Dark Jeans @ tres chic
{Imeka} Rose Ring in Black/White {R}

AaronTJ90 :
Hair: [BURLEY] Benji
Beard: [DossiEr] Beard V1
Jeans: [monso] My Ripped Jean - Grey
Shoes: [ NikotiN ] Sneakers Notorious - (White)
Muff: 2PM. Bunny muff / peach @ sanarae - gacha
Bracelet: [UrbnW.] LongWood Bead Bracelet - Oak

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