a stew is a brewing

11:45 AM

This stew set inspired me to do a kitchen scene, it is just so adorable and well done. For these cold days in January warm up your second life with this beautiful set from Lost Junction.
[LJ] Baby, You've Got a Stew Going!  @wayward winter

{CE} Starry Night Table Light ~ TC
{CE} Leafy Plant ~ TC
{CE} Katrina Candle Chandlier ~
{CE} Gear Clock ~ Touch for menu ~ TC
{CE} Driftwood Tealights
{CE} Love is all you need
{CE} Black & White Rug
{CE} Love
{CE} Antique Stool ~ Texture Change Owner Only ~ TC
Clustered. Rustic Corner. Weathered Bottles
Clustered. Rustic Corner. Wall art.
Clustered. Rustic Corner. Plates.

[NC] - Chef's House (Hanging rack)

[RF] Vintage Suitcase Chair (royal pack)
[RF] Vintage Suitcase Chair (royal pack) Child

Jian :: International Coffee Station (Props) @ The Liaison Collaborative's 

LB_Sassafras.v1{4Seasons} @LTD
KIDD Grass Green Meadow DANDELION & SeedEmitter*5M*Flat Circ 22

dust bunny . small spaces kitchen . sink cabinet

Apple Fall Pan Rack
Apple Fall Pembleton Cooker
{af} Tied Books
Apple Fall Colander (Green)
Apple Fall Old Manufactory

::Axix:: Autum Counter {Snow} Mirror @sanarea

[ keke ] flower twig - transfer
[ keke ] summer tray w flowers - orange

Poche - summer orange tart 2

Birdy. Shabby Cats - Heart! - G&B @ The epiphany

20 - 8f8 - Storyteller's Burrow - Curtain

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