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I love shooting with my friend Sandie and she built this beautiful oasis in her garden, so we just had to put it to use.  We always have a ton of laughs and umm twenty crashes later just to perfect the perfect photo. I wanted to name this photo live wild live free because of the nature around us and wild life, but then i looked at us again and saw the dead fox stoles around us. Of course Sandie has the best answer:
[16:15] June Fallon: i was going to name it live wild live free but we have dead foxes hahahah
[16:15] Şαηđíє  ℓσuíşє (sandielouise): lmao ..
[16:15] Şαηđíє  ℓσuíşє (sandielouise): they are alive, just dangling over our shoulders for the prop
[16:15] Şαηđíє  ℓσuíşє (sandielouise): nice of them
[16:16] June Fallon: lmaoo
[16:16] Şαηđíє  ℓσuíşє (sandielouise): generous, only in sl
[16:17] June Fallon: hahahah

Vist Sandie's blog to see her version:

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