#225 Through thick and thin

6:16 PM

unedited room photo:


Jian :: Aurelia Bedroom Set @ seasons story
Has texture changing hud with lots of colors and options.

Rebel Gal :: Ride It Crossbody Bag "White"
tres blah- Eclectic Collection - Round Cloche - Gift

Pose- Glamrus . Autumn Souls  @Black dot project

Magika - Empty Gold
Dead dollz- Bodice  Emmanuelle - Red - Common @Epiphany
LUXE. Autumn Choker Gold @Uber

 Şαηđíє  ℓσuíşє (sandielouise): 

This is my very great friend Sandie in the photo with me, she recently started an amazing blog. You should all follow her:

Thank you for being there for me as always, this photo was so much fun to do with you.

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