#192 Happy Rezday to me!

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[BLOG] AZOURY - Gaia Crown

 Rock Your Rack Event  September 26 - October 11
Available in 5 colors.. Materials enabled

{Junbug}* Pearls of Wisdom [Classic]

TRUTH HAIR Josie - LightBrowns01
< nova > Caitlynn Lipsticks - TMP INSTALLER @Fashion Fair

 Infiniti . - Balloon 
PILOT - Tall Birthday Cake

My Rezday inspired me to do this shoot, so I thought, might as well take advantage to use my favorite cake for this day. This cake is very tall and has a beautiful mint cake stand on the bottom. I love exposed layer cakes, it was really yummy however I might not fit into this gorgeous party dress after made by Lybra, the way it sparkles in the light is just fantastic. Lybra does materials enabled the best! The hair I have on you might see in a lot of my posts, it happens to be one of my favorites, so I figured what better day to wear it than on my rezday. Oh, and I had to have a birthday crown, some of you might be thinking "hmm a sequin dress paired with animals skulls" well, what can I tell you that is just me and my personality. Sometimes I don't have reasons for things and I just do.  I think the pearls coupled with the crown gave it that perfect touch to be the rezday girl. Thank you to all of my friends for making this the most special day ever. <3333 hugs and kisses all around

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