#189 FML

10:59 AM

Aphrodite  Grandads Animated Gravestone- Tells scary story

{NANTRA} Ghost 2 @C88
Bouquet- {NanTra} Til AFK Do We Part 6 RARE

AZOURY - Titane Shoe Metal
*ARGRACE* Akane - Classy Brown (I added two hairs and rotated it to sit right for the photo)
-Pixicat- Wonderland.Dress nr.2 - Red (s)- Gacha
Makeup Ak. body Tmp Appliers
Skin Pumens - Spring - Tres Chic Event


This pose inspired me to make it all happen, I love how the body looks distressed. The ghost I got in a pack with a bunch of poses from C88, there are so many options because you can use the poses with or without the ghost. They are glowing/see through and add to the creepy effect of them. The dress is an old arcade gacha from Pixicat, I wanted to add a sweet element to this post to counter the eerie side of it. You can still try to win this dress in their shop. The red seemed to work perfectly for this scene. Me being a gacha addict you never know what I will pull out of my inventory, like this bouquet by nantra from a wedding gacha. I wanted it to look like she was visiting and about to place some flowers. Oh, and you can't forget the shoes, these are by AZOURY and they are amazing as all their items are. If you want an unique twist to you wardrobe I suggest to pick up some items from this designer. On the grave you will find that it tells a scary story with the mouth moving and the eyes glowing red. The rest is linked above.


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