#34 If there's a moment when it's perfect ... We'll carve our names as the sun goes down

7:47 AM

*ionic* clipboards - gacha
Apple Fall Daffodils Jug -gacha
HIDEKI - Drawer Chair- gacha
LISP - Peaches & Cream Rug

[monso] My Flower Sandal @uber
Moon}. Boho Bag - Twine -gacha
*May's Soul* Fur bracelets silver -gacha
+elua+ Noah_Brown @SS
Skirt : Peqe - Greek_XXS_Hades (ULTRARARE) - gacha
[Haste] Riviera Swimsuit Black S
Ice pop : Poche - melody - gacha

Lips: Pink Acid & TMP Donut Glazed Gloss - Cherry

Song Title: Robin Schulz -Sun goes down

For all wondering the nip slip was intentional xD

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